todd's best salsa

source: todd carpenter {real deal texan}

i do not like picante sauce.  i do not like store-bought salsa.  so when i was introduced to todd's salsa several years ago, i fell head-over-heels with it & did my best to eat the entire batch solo!  he gave me his recipe, which i have only modified in that i use less jalapenos.  todd loves everything to be call-the-fire-department hot, & while i can take the heat, i prefer to make it less inferno-ish for the casteel cafe!  still, mine is pretty spicy.  if you like mild salsa, make sure to de-rib & de-seed your jalapeno before putting it in. {and make sure to not touch your eyes!!!}

1 can whole peeled tomatoes {28 oz.}
1 sweet onion
1 jalapeno
3-4 cloves garlic, peeled
1 bunch cilantro
2-3 tablespoons lime juice
coarse salt, to taste

1. chop onion & jalapeno into large chunks {i chop the onion into 6-8 pieces & the jalapeno into three}.  tear leafy part of cilantro off of the leafless stems.

2. put all ingredients into food processor. {put tomatoes in first because the liquid helps everything along.}

3. pulse salsa until well combined but not pureed.

4. taste, & adjust flavors {especially lime juice & salt} as desired.

enjoy with tortilla chips, veggies, over chicken - with anything!  {tastes best after sitting in the fridge at least one hour.}

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Martha (MM) said...

This sounds great Danae! Thanks for linking it up at the Tailgating Time Super Bowl party. I just posted a Valentine's Day party for this week, hope to see you there! :-)